All our salmons are natural farmed in closed fiords in northern Norway, where the water is cold and the habitat is ideal for their life cycle.

The optimal conditions are due to the fact that they live in 98% of water and only as little as 2% represent the the salmons in order to simulate the wild conditions.  The result is a meat with less fat and with a better taste.

Only the salmons that are 8/9 kg are used at Nordiska for the smoking process that only uses alnus tree that is perfect for maintain the temperature of combustion constant which is the secret of the mild an delicate taste.

Also the cured and the marinated salmon is done with ancient recipes and are the same as in 1900, and this is what it make it so unique.

According to the Norwegian food safety authority the fiord salmons are so secure that they can be eaten raw without being frozen due to the fact that the anisakis parassit have never been reported.