Butter Cream


Butter Cream
Shelf life: 50 gg circa dal confezionamento.
Sizes: 600 gr, monoporzioni da 20 gr.
Ingredients:Water, rapeseed oil, vegetable fats (karite oil, coconut oil), buttermilk, modified starch, lactic acid culture, ghee, salt, emulsifier (mono and diglycerides, vegetable fat) preservatives (potassium sorbate) acid regulation agent (lactic acid, sodium citrate, citric acid), aromas, food coloring (betacarotene, vitamins a and d)

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Nutrition facts/100gr:
Calories 383 Kcal 1575 KJ
Fat 40 g satured fat 13 g
Protein 0,3g
Sodium 0,3 g
Vitamina A 1 g

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12 pieces of Gr 10, Gr 600