Laxsås Sauce


Sweet mustard , perfect when serving the salmons, with mustard, sugar, vinegar, dill, salt, spices.
Shelf life: 90 days.
Sizes: 2.5 kg, 900 g, 500 g, 175 g.
Ingredients: mustard ( water, mustard seed, sugar, vinegard, salt, spices), rapeseed oil, sugar, white wine, vinegard, dill, salt and spieces.

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Nutrition facts/100gr:
Calories: 1374,3 kj/ 329,9 kal
Fat 22,0gr satured fat 0,4gr
Protein: 2,9gr
Sodium 1,2g

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Gr 150, Gr 500, Gr 900, Kg 2,5